airopro battery

Brand: Airopro

Product Highlights:

  • Rechargeable Vaporizer Pen
  • Includes Charger Cable
  • Advanced Ceramic Cartridge Technology
  • Gentle Vibration
  • 8.5 Watt Output

About The Airo Expert Vape Pen:

The airopro battery is a battery-powered battery with cutting edge earthenware cartridge innovation, explicitly intended for unadulterated oils. It conveys predominant execution and taste. For use with a wide range of AiroPro cartridges.

AiroPro is devoted to consummating the relationship among innovation and individual vaporizers. Incorporates AiroPro Vaporizer, Charger Link, and a Client Guide. Delta 8 THC should buy cartridges independently.

Viable With Brands Like : 3CHI, Great CBD, and Injoy Concentrates.

AiroPro Vape – 320mAh Battery

The AiroPro Vape gadget is planned only to house these amazing CBD units!

Its smooth and thin plan permits it to be utilized carefully in any open air while as yet pressing a sufficiently weighty battery to convey you the fume you are searching for!

You will likewise realize that this vaporous battery fills in as the gadget conveys a delicate vibration to demonstrate it’s dynamic.

Its 8.5-watt yield gives you a 2-second draw each time you hit it. In addition to the fact that it is battery-powered, it continuously lets you know its power level!