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russian cream


russian cream strain, white russian strain, purple cream strain,russian snow strain, Russian Cream flavor is delivered in restricted amounts which is the reason they are so difficult to get your hands on.

They have a remarkable, furthermore vodka imbued flavor and smell which makes them probably the most interesting stogies around, russian snow strain, purple cream strain

white strain,  Woodlands Russian cream has a staggering velvety espresso and  again vodka flavor you can taste from your first breath in this stogie.

It has become unquestionably famous and is currently the no. 1 selling kind of all Backwoods stogies. Boondocks sold in eight packs of five. Extremely smooth and gentle smokes!


also known as White Russian moreso  an Indica-dominant cultivar originally bred by Amsterdam’s Serious Seeds. It’s a combination of two well-known powerhouses, AK-47 and White Widow.

The top reported aromas of sweet and sour citrus, earth, and spices. And it is said to taste like citrus, spices, and pine.

has won the following awards (as White):

1996 1st Prize, Bio Cup, High Times Cannabis Cup, Netherlands

1997 2nd Prize, Hydro Cup, High Times Cannabis Cup, Netherlands

2005 1st Prize, Indoor, Copa de Cantabria (Santander), Spain

2018/19 3rd Place, Outdoor, Canna Swiss, Switzerland

Develop data

is an indica-prevailing hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow.

It produces medium-sized plants with wide passes on because of its indica legacy.

has a typical blooming time somewhere in the range of 63 and 70 days inside and mid-to-late October outside.

known to create medium-sized yields of extremely resinous bud in ideal circumstances; yields are somewhat bigger outside.

develops well inside and outside in warm, sticky circumstances.

is accessible as seeds and clones, however maybe under the name White.


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