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slapz strain

The Slapz weed strain is raiser Colorful Genetix’s cross of Runtz and Mechanic. Hereditary qualities from Zkittlez, Gelato, Unique Paste, and GSC give Slapz a face-smacking scent and taste of skunk, diesel, and pine.....

Commentators report feeling excited, inventive, and hungry on Slapz marijuana, yet amateurs ought to look out: those super high THC levels can make fledglings restless and dry their mouth out.


All items are dependent upon accessibility relying upon the area and district. Assuming you are intrigued, kindly check the menus for current item contributions at the site you are keen on. We anticipate seeing you!

About Hypothesis Wellbeing:

Hypothesis Wellbeing is an East Coast clinical and sporting marijuana brand. We develop pot, fabricate an assortment of in-house maryjane items, gladly serve patients and clients in numerous states, and discount items to other pot brands.

We center around little group, create marijuana, developed utilizing economical strategies at our cutting edge indoor and open air develop offices. We source novel hereditary qualities and make expense items that incorporate bloom, concentrates, edibles, and imbuements, accessible at our clinical and sporting pot dispensaries. We’ve extended our image to incorporate a line of effective flavors.


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