stiiizy live resin


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stiiizy live resin

stiiizy live resin. Removed straightforwardly from newly reaped, streak frozen weed plants, STIIIZY’s Live Gum protects the credible taste profile and conveys a full range marijuana extricate. Presented occasionally, in little clumps, this art marijuana gives a cooperative energy among cannabinoids and terpenes for a definitive company impact....


White Runtz (I)
Frozen yogurt Mints (I)
Rainbow Kush (I)
Banana Cream Pie (I)
Cherry Cake (I)
Purple Papaya (I)
Cosmic Paste (I)
Dainty Mintz (I)
Banana Sorbet (I)
Grape Pie (I)
Purple Papaya (I)
Sherb Cake (I)
Papaya (I)
Unadulterated OG (I)
Hell’s Fire (I)
Precious stone OG (I)
Zkittles Cake (I)
Kush Mints (I)
93 Octane (I)
Energy Natural product (I)
LA Kush Cake (I)
Frozen yogurt Cake (I)
Slurricane (I)
OG Kush (I)


Lemon Cake (S)
Energy Punch (S)
Cherry Cloudiness (S)
Banana Parfait (S)
Berry Parfait (S)
Acai Berry (S)
Blueberry Shortcake (S)
Lemon Creme (S)
Berry Pie (S)
Orange Float (S)
Orange Slushie (S)


Cherry Nightfall (H)
Vanilla Runtz (H)
Watermelon Gelato (H)
Cake Frosting (H)
Banana Mango (H)
Cherry Gelato (H)
Blackberry Pie (H)
Apple Mintz (H)
Berry Zkittles (H)
Banana Pudding (H)
Shaved ice (H)
Cosmic Gas (H)
Twofold Rainbow (H)
Space Paste (H)
Legend OG x GG4 (H)
Wedding Cake X Watermelon Z (H)
Super Paste (H)
Blue Treats (H)
Platinum OG (H)
Platinum Treats (H)
Purple Creature Treats (H)
Chem Save (H)
STIIIZY Pink Acai (H)
Name Breath (H)
Banana Pie (H)


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